ShowBox for Xbox 360 and Xbox One Download

ShowBox for Xbox 360 and Xbox One Download: ShowBox has emerged out as the best movie streaming apps, being available on multiple platforms. Right from any SmartPhone (Be it Android or iOS oriented) to Chromecast, ShowBox is compatible with a wide range of consoles. One of such peculiar console is Xbox. Both Xbox 360 and Xbox One are adept with ShowBox enabling you to watch videos, with an ease. However, the ShowBox for Xbox 360 and Xbox One download procedure stands out to be little tricky. In this article, we will construe how to set up ShowBox for Xbox with necessary links.

XBox 360 and XBox One movies

ShowBox for Xbox 360 and Xbox One Download

ShowBox initially is an application that can be downloaded only on Android devices in apk format. With a huge database and lucid features, it contains every movie and TV Show that can either be downloaded or streamed. What makes ShowBox more exotic is that it is entirely free.

Exclusive features of ShowBox

  1. Easy and Convenient for User-friendly navigation.
  2. A database that contains old productions along with new.
  3. Offers you free vouchers that can save money.
  4. Redeemed gifts and earned points.
  5. Offline streaming facility.
  6. All seasons of your favorite TV Shows.

The interface is wieldy and incredible to use. By browsing the selected movies/TV Shows, one can save them and get notified when something is added to it.  Getting tempted by the freeware? You can download the specific version of ShowBox depending on the type of platform, you want to use it with.

For Android users: Download ShowBox APK for Android.

For iPhone and iPad users: Download ShowBox for iPhone and iPad.

For PC and Mac users: Download ShowBox for PC and Mac.

For Chromecast users: Download ShowBox for Chromecast.


How to Install & Stream ShowBox on Xbox 360 and Xbox One

ShowBox for XBox 360 and XBox One

As ShowBox is an android app primarily, it doesn’t work well with other platforms like Xbox Console. Therefore, you must setup a phase before installing ShowBox on your Xbox. Watching ShowBox on any other platform might keep you content, but watching it on Xbox, will make you euphoriant.  Before installing the ShowBox app, there is an additional application that needs to be downloaded which makes the sprinting of the app, easier. As free as it is, without this application; you won’t be able to run ShowBox either on Xbox 360 or on Xbox one.

Step by Step Procedure for ShowBox for Xbox 360 and Xbox One download: (Using Smart Device)

  • This extra application is available in the play store under the name of “AllCast”.  By installing this application, you will be able to run variant applications from your SmartPhone to Xbox 360 or Xbox One. Search for Allcast in the Google Play hit install on the top result in the search list. Once after making sure that AllCast is working, open AllCast and check if you can connect it with any of the Xbox devices.

Allcast ShowBox

  • The second step is all about installing ShowBox.  As you can’t download it from Play Store, open an external source and download ShowBox Apk from here. After enabling to installation from unknown sources, download ShowBox. This can be done by navigating to “Settings>Security” and ticking the box saying “Allow Unknown Sources”.
  • After downloading the file, install it without any obstacles. Open the ShowBox app and search for a movie that you want to be played.  Click on the ‘Player’ button under the ‘Watch Now’ button and choose ‘Other Player’ from it by tapping on it.  Uncheck “Use Internal Player” before doing this and then again hit on the “Watch Now” button to find the “Other Player” option.

showbox for XBox (2)

  • The Popup that appears displays a list of various applications through which you can watch the movie by sharing the content with. Select “Allcast” and then click on “Just once” button.  Choose it. After making sure, your Allcast is functioning well, connect your smart device to the Xbox 360 or Xbox One. Another pop-up appears asking you to choose the Xbox console you want to stream the video with. Stream your favorite video on Xbox console.

That’s it guys. You now have the awesome ShowBox App on your Xbox 360 or One. Now stop reading this tutorial, and go watch your favorite movie or TV show on your Xbox console using this heavenly app 🙂

ShowBox for Xbox 360 and Xbox One Download
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    October 8, 2016 (3:57 pm)

    How do u download it 4 xbox1

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    Allcast didnt work on my phone what else can I get so i can link it to my xbox

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