How to Fix ShowBox “Video Not Available Try Another Server ” Error

How to Fix ShowBox “Video Not Available Try Another Server” ErrorShowBox is the best of vagary apps that people desire to be present, be it in their TVs, Smartphones and other consoles. The user-friendly interface, huge database and unlimited streaming offer multiple apogees to the users, making them intensified. However, with the latest updates and additional features that are being added, there are few troubles (Ex: Video Not Available Try Another Server) emerging out every now and then, making the app malfunctioning.  

ShowBox Video Not Available

We have found users asking about several errors and problems regarding ShowBox App usage on their TVs, Smartphones or Computers. FAQ’s of the app are original and are solved with utmost authenticity. While that is there, they often fail to give a detailed description of how to solve the errors accordingly. This article, today concentrates on How to fix ShowBox “Video Not Available Try Another Server” Error by benefacting few steps of fixation. If you haven’t got ShowBox on your phone, you can always try downloading the app based on your platform.

For ones with Android devices: Download ShowBox APK here

For ones with iOS devices: Download ShowBox for iPhone and iPad.

For ones with PC/Laptop or Mac: Download ShowBox for PC and MAC.

For ones with ChromeCast: Download ShowBox for ChromeCast.

How to fix Showbox App Not Working, Video Not Available Try Another Server Error:

For the meantime, if you’re in some kind of emergency of watching a video or running out of time, check out these alternative Apps like ShowBox to get your work done while solving the error by following the step by step procedure given below.

  • The first question that might arise in your brain, after noticing is the error is, “Why is the ShowBox App Not Working? Why it has Video Not Available? This is a generic problem you will face with this app. Sometimes, when you browse for a movie you wanted to watch and click on it, the display screen shows you a message saying, “Video Not Available Try Another Server ”. About 90% of the occurrence of this problem is due to the absence of up gradation. To solve this, you need to update the version you have on your smartphone.

Showbox update - Video Not Available Try Another Server

  • If you have already updated yourself to the latest version and still are getting to see this error,  there’s something else you need to do before deciding to quit the app. This problem can be fixed in multiple steps, progressively.
  • Navigate to the ‘Settings’ icon on your device and open it.
  • Now go to the General settings, and open the ‘App Manager’ or ‘Application Manager  by clicking on it.

showbox-app-manager-Video Not Available Try Another Server

  • In the App Manager, you can find the ShowBox app listed with several other Apps.
  • Open the App by clicking on it.
  • You will find an option saying, “Clear Data & Clear Cache”.


  • Click on it and clear both Cache & Data.
  • Then Choose ShowBox app from all the apps.
  • There you will see an option Clear Data & Clear Cache.
  • You’re now set to use the app.

However, when connected to the Chromecast device, the app might not work properly due to the incompetency. This is when you must turn the ‘Experimental Receiver’ by sliding the bar to the other side.


Sometimes, you might tend to experience several other errors other than this. In that case, you can approach us or subscribe to our site, where we will be posting solutions to errors of different types. Just leave us, your problem in the comment section and we will respond to you in a while. Share it with your friends on Social Media and help us develop. Thank you!


How to Fix ShowBox “Video Not Available Try Another Server ” Error
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