Apps like ShowBox for Android and iPhone & iPad – Best ShowBox Alternatives

Apps like ShowBox: Movies and TV Shows? Just like lousy drugs, we all are addicted to them. Not everyone gets the time to watch their favorite movies on big screen and neither do they have the patience to download the entire series from the net. This is where you might need an app which allows you to watch everything you like on your smart device be it an Android or an iOS device. If you’re a movie buff, you might have already heard about the ShowBox App. Being available for various console platforms, ShowBox can be computed on your smartphones, now. What does ShowBox exactly do, you might wonder? In the contemporary world accelerating with technological advancement, it is the best Entertainment app on the roads. Millions of people are find utilizing this app which carries an imploring interface that makes searching and streaming pretty easy. How to get it? All you have to do is click this for ShowBox APK download. If you’re an iOS owner, you can download ShowBox for iPhone and iPad.

Why do we need other apps like ShowBox?

However, there has been a clutter happening with the ShowBox update of the year 2015. It enabled users to search for other alternative and similar apps like ShowBox. This happened due to the frantic crash and down of ShowBox servers for few weeks. Users started experiencing errors like ShowBox chrome cast not available, ShowBox server error, ShowBox is not working, ShowBox videos unavailable etc.

Best Alternative Apps like ShowBox for Android

Best Alternative Apps like Showbox

Taking advantage of this delinquency, a major number of developers have developed alternative apps like ShowBox. If you come across any kind of such issues and errors, here’s a list of few apps that work like ShowBox with agnate features. Choose the best among the cited and go with it.

PlayBox App

PlayBox HD App: A spiraling app with veracious features and interface, PlayBox HD App is the top best alternative app like ShowBox. As it has got similar features with aesthetic HD streaming from movies to TV through several platforms like Chromecast, PC, Kindle Fire et al.

Movie Box App

MovieBox App: Unlike ShowBox, MovieBox gives you a free ride. The movie collection is avant-garde covering both old and new, displayed with subtitles and ratings. Depending on your bandwidth, you can stream the movies in different qualities say HD, Medium, Low, 720Pp, 480p, and 360p. However, this app is only available for devices with iOS.

Sky HD App

Sky HD App: Refined by HD cinema app developers, this app lands with the enormous database containing latest TV shows. The interface is ambient and user-friendly.

Crackle App

Crackle App: Standing out to be best on the list in terms of subscriptions, this app has around 20-30 million active users. The interface is funky and boisterous with an additional feature of creating a watchlist. This way, when you get in next time, you don’t have to search for the movies all over again. You can simply go to the watchlist and stream them on any kind of platform.

Hubi App

Hubi App: What makes the Hubi App unique and different is the easy navigation and sophistication in the design. The interface is precise displaying a staggering collection of TV series, movies, and videos. It works both online and offline ways and based on your recent searches and visits, it gives you recommendations. The watchlist can also be downloaded, copied, transferred and deleted using the advanced download manager that comes with the app which is only available for the android devices.

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time: This specific video streaming app is designed for Android, iOS and Linux platforms. Just like the other apps, the movie streaming is illimitable with disparate streaming qualities ranging from HD, 720p to 360p. Nicknamed as “The Netflix of BitTorrent”, it offers P2P streaming. The newly launched VPN features provide access to everyone around the world. Even for the people in Antarctica, if they have the adequate stipulations.

Hulu App

Hulu App: Consists of a deep catalog of videos, full series, full seasons and many movies. The interface is visually appealing. Hulu also introduced Hulu Plus that works on TVs where streaming is even easier. The app is amazingly mobile responsive and works sublimely with all kind of smart phones. Offers HD quality of 720p.

Movie HD App

MegaBox HD and Movie HD App:  Not so entrancing, this app like ShowBox is extremely functional. Searches can be done and sorted based on rating, genre, and popularity. You can build a backlog of movie titles and manage them for further usage. By going through this, you can watch them further with an ease. As it is free, it makes you non-scrupulous. No piracy version of this app is available in the market and, therefore, can only be downloaded from the original website. Movie HD is like a fraternal twin of this App with exact features.

Cartoon HD App

Cartoon HD App: As the title suggests, this app is used to watch animated series, cartoon shows and another kind of Disney films. However, exceeding in this genre, it has a huge response from the United Kingdom. May be a little less effective, but if you’re an anime-holic, this one is specifically recommended for you.

MovieTube App

MovieTube: With the publicly shared collection, this app lets you change the default language. By tapping on the globe icon displayed on the interface, a pop-up appears with all kind of language options that are available. You can perform an advanced search depending on the type of language you have selected. The search can also be customized using genres of categories including comedy, classic, action, documentary, animation or drama.


In this list, we rendered out top rated similar and alternative apps like ShowBox based on user feedback, interface, features, workability, customer satisfaction. If I have missed an app that is of praxis, let me know by commenting about it in the comment section. That way, you can recommend the app to our reader base who couldn’t get access to any of these above apps or who finds difficulties in installing them. Wrapping up, check out the other articles like how to stream movies on ShowBox to have a better understanding of ShowBox’s functionality. Have a good day!

Apps like ShowBox for Android and iPhone & iPad – Best ShowBox Alternatives
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