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ShowBox is one of the best free movies and TV show streaming apps and whilst it is readily available on Android, there isn’t an easy to use ShowBox for Chromecast download. Fortunately there is a method available to install ShowBox on your Chromecast and once it has been set up you will be able to watch content ShowBox effortlessly. In this article we will explain how to set up ShowBox for Chromecast and we’ll provide the necessary download links.

ShowBox for Chromecast


Primarily for Android devices, ShowBox is an application that can be downloaded online. ShowBox features a large selection of TV shows and movies, all of which can be streamed and downloaded for free. All of the content on ShowBox is free, however the app does use advertisements for a monetization method. The interface on ShowBox is incredibly easy to use and there are plenty of features to help users find their favorite movies and TV shows, save it, and set up notifications for when new episodes are out. ShowBox has one of the largest directories of movies on TV shows on the internet and everything can be accessed for free.

If you would like to learn more about ShowBox you can read through our in-depth review of the Android application here. ShowBox for Chromecast shares all of the same features of the Android version.


How to Install & Stream ShowBox on Chromecast

Before you install ShowBox on Chromecast, you must first go through an initial setup phase which will involve installing another application. This extra application is free and it will enable you to use ShowBox as a streaming option on your Chromecast. Without this extra application you will not be able to get ShowBox to play through your Chromecast device.

The application in question is called AllCast and with it you will be able to stream a number of different applications from your Android device straight to your Chromecast. Allcast is mainly used for streaming downloaded videos but with a bit of setup you will be able to use this app to stream ShowBox movies to Chromecast with ease. Simply search Google Play for AllCast and it will appear as the top result in the search list.

ShowBox Chromecast

Before continuing on to the next step, make sure that your AllCast app is installed and working. Simply open AllCast and check to see if it can pick up any nearby Chromecast devices. If a Chromecast device is detected it will appear on the screen, otherwise you will be stuck with the ‘searching for players’ screen like the one in the image shown below.

ShowBox for Chromecast

The next step involves installing ShowBox. Unfortunately you cannot install ShowBox from the Google Play store so you will need to install the app onto the Android device you have installed AllCast onto. You can download ShowBox as an external .apk here.

To install ShowBox you will need to allow installation from unknown sources, so make sure to do this before downloading ShowBox from the link provided above. To do this, go to settings, security and then tick the ‘allow unknown sources’ checkbox that should be found within the security menu.

Once you have done this you will be able to install ShowBox without any hiccups. The next step involves navigating through the ShowBox application. Firstly, search for a movie or a TV show that you would like to watch. Once you have found something you’re interested in watching, tap on the ‘player’ button under the Download and Watch Now buttons. From here, tap the ‘Other Player’ button.

ShowBox Movies Chromecast

Now press the Watch Now button and a pop-up will appear. This pop-up will ask you which app you’d like to share the content to. Tap the AllCast app.

AllCast ShowBox Stream Chromecast

Once you choose AllCast, another pop-up will open. This time the pop-up will ask you to choose the Chromecast you would like to stream content to. After you have chosen your selected Chromecast device your content will start to stream to it remotely.

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ShowBox for Chromecast – Stream ShowBox Movies & TV Shows
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