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ShowBox is a free Android app for streaming HD movies and TV shows. Unlike apps like Netflix or Amazon Prime, ShowBox is absolutely free to use and it features a great user interface to make searching for your favorite movies much simpler. ShowBox also has some of the latest TV shows and movies and it’s constantly updated with new content. Unlike Putlocker, ShowBox loads up it’s interface very quickly and you can browse and watch free HD movies and TV shows with simplicity. Check out why we think ShowBox is great below. If you’d like to download ShowBox App for yourself please check out the ‘How to Install Showbox’ section.

ShowBox App Download – Latest Version

ShowBox AppWe think ShowBox is one of the greatest Android streaming apps available and what makes it even better than many of its competitors is that it is free. ShowBox is also far superior to many free online streaming websites because it provides safe links to content and a very easy-to-use user interface that’s packed with features to help you find the movies or TV shows you’d like to watch.

Whilst selection is sometimes limited, ShowBox often shows many of the latest TV shows and movies on it’s homepage and many more can be found by using the search function. You can often quickly find new shows that you may not have even considered watching before by using the filtering settings too. You can switch quickly between movies and TV shows and then sort between genre, year and a variety of other filters including IMDB rating and ShowBox’s own rating system.

To top it all off, the ShowBox app runs effortlessly. All of the content shows up immediately and you won’t have any loading problems or lag like you may have on streaming websites like Putlocker.

Free Shows and Movies on the ShowBox App

ShowBoxThere is a huge variety of free TV shows and movies on Showbox and like mentioned above new content is constantly being added. ShowBox includes some of the most popular movies from 2015, including The Martian, Pan, Ant-Man, The Transporter Refueled, Minions, Straight Outta Compton and Avengers Age of Ultron.Show Box

Plenty of great movies from every other year are also available on ShowBox including some classics all the way back from the 1930s. Movies like the Wizard of Oz, Bambi, Gulliver’s Travels and Pinocchio are all available on ShowBox in HD.

In terms of content, you could argue that ShowBox even includes more variety than Netflix. The TV shows section is also a huge part of ShowBox that is worth checking out and just like the movies section it has a large selection of content.

When you find a TV show you’re a fan of, you can tap on the graphic for that show and you’ll be taken to another page. On each show page you can view all of the available seasons by accessing a dropdown menu and from here you’re given access to all of the episodes in the season. You can tap each episode to open up a pop-up page that leads into streaming and download options for the episode you’ve tapped.

Some newer TV shows like Flash, Arrow, The Walking Dead Homeland are available on ShowBox but there are a lot of longer running TV shows too. This includes Family Guy, South Park and even the Simpsons. In fact, Showbox has every single season of the Simpsons, from episode 1 of season 1 to the current latest season.

ShowBox Video Quality

Video quality is a very important aspect when it comes to video streaming and a lot of people will opt for services like Netflix to get the best video quality. Unfortunately free movie streaming websites like Putlocker or Solarmovie have a lot of issues with HD content. On top of the lack of HD content, finding videos can often be quite difficult due to copyright takedowns.

ShowBox AppShowBox makes things a lot simpler. When you tap on a movie or an episode from a TV show, you’ll be shown a page that includes some information and options. Unlike all of the other free streaming services, Showbox makes choosing different video quality options very easy. All you have to do is select between 360p, 480p or 720p and once you’ve done that you can choose to download the movie or watch it straight away by streaming it via your smartphone video player app.

Not all movies have HD files available for download or streaming but for the most part the HD selection is very decent. For example, the first nine out of ten movies available on the front page of the movies section were available for streaming and download in 720p.

Occasionally streaming content can take quite a while to buffer on ShowBox but this is unfortunately something that a lot of online free movie and TV show streaming services often have an issue with. If you are having trouble with buffering you can always pause your video to wait for it to buffer, choose a lower resolution or download the movie. The latter option can be great if you plan ahead because it allows you to remove buffering completely.

Using the ShowBox Interface

Show Box AppIn this section we’ll be guiding you through the ShowBox App Android interface and explaining how everything works. Showbox is displayed vertically although movies and TV shows can be viewed horizontally in full screen mode.

When you open ShowBox for the first time you will be taken straight to the movies page. From left to right at the top of the display you will see a menu button, the movies title, the search button and the options button. The menu button is symbolized by three lines ShowBox Moviesstacked vertically, the search button is symbolized by a magnifying glass and the settings button is symbolized by three dots stacked horizontally. The area that says ‘movies’ helps users to know what section of the app they are in. For example, if they navigate to the TV shows section this area will then display ‘TV Shows.’

If you press the menu button you’re given the option to go through a variety of different menus. First is the movie section, the second is the TV shows section, the third is the favorites section, the fourth is for downloads and the fifth is for updates.

When on the movie section you’ll be supplied with a endless scrolling screen that displays different movies. By default you’ll be supplied with some of the latest and highest rated movies. You can start streaming or downloading a movie by tapping any of the movie graphics and then choosing the corresponding stream or download option.

If you’d like to search for a particular movie you can use the search button and then type in the name of the movie you’d like to search for. As you enter letters, your search results will be filtered until eventually you’re left with the movie you’re looking for.

ShowBox App Movies

The TV shows section is very similar to the movies section, however the difference is that when you tap on a show, you’ll have a screen showing off the different episodes and seasons available.

The favorites menu is used as a bookmark tool. If there are any movies or TV shows you’d like to bookmark, you can press the star icon that appears when you view its corresponding page. Once a TV show or movie has been added to your favorites, you can quickly access them again by navigating to your favorites menu.

On the downloads menu you can view all of your downloaded movies, TV episodes and currently downloading content. This page is fairly straightforward and is used as your main hub for accessing any downloaded videos.

Finally, the updates page shows all of the latest movies and TV shows that have been added. If you favorite any TV shows, new episodes will also appear in the ‘My’ tab.ShowBox Download

The ShowBox App is incredibly easy to get to grips with and it uses a universal interface so when you’re browsing the different menus everything is still easy enough to understand. The only aspect of ShowBox that is remotely difficult to understand is the streaming and downloading of content. When you choose to watch content on ShowBox it will open up in your videos app. The first time you watch a TV episode or movie you will need to choose your default video app and once you’ve done this, content will always be shown through this player. Downloading is pretty easy to understand too, although you will need to navigate a few different areas to use it. Once you have chosen to download a movie it will appear in the downloads menu, which can be accessed with the menu button at the top left of your display.

You will have to wait for your downloads to finish before you can watch them. Once the progress bar of a movie or TV episode has reached 100%, you can tap the play button from the downloads menu.

How to Download & Install ShowBox App?

To install ShowBox onto an Android device you will need to install the .apk file because it is not available on the Google Play store. Click here for the ShowBox APK download. Click this link from your smartphone or download it and then transfer it to your smartphone.

ShowBox APKBefore you install the .apk download you must head to your settings menu. Once in your settings, look for security. In security, look for ‘Unknown Sources’ and tick the box next to this option. The exact steps to find this option vary by device but it will be found somewhere within your settings.

Once you have downloaded the ShowBox APK from the link provided above and have set up your device for unknown sources, find the download in your file manager. Alternatively if you downloaded the APK from your smartphone, pull down the notifications bar and tap on the .apk download from there.

Your ShowBox .apk file will now start downloading. Once it has downloaded you will be able to access ShowBox right away. You do not need to create a profile to use ShowBox and there are absolutely no subscription services or hidden fees. Everything on ShowBox is absolutely free.

With that being said, there are adverts on ShowBox to create revenue for the developers of the application.

Install Showbox for Other Platforms

ShowBox isn’t only on Android. In fact, the ShowBox app is on plenty of other very popular devices. ShowBox is available for PC, Chromecast, Kindle Fire, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Android.

If you are looking for a more in-depth guide to install .apk on Android, here is our ShowBox APK download guide. We also have installation guides for other platforms. If you need any help with installing ShowBox on other platforms or want to learn what the differences are between each platform, check out the links below.

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ShowBox for iPhone and iPad Download
● ShowBox for BlackBerry Download


So there we have it – we definitely think ShowBox is one of the better HD movie and TV show streaming options currently available. If you’d like to learn more about ShowBox feel free to read through our other blogs. If you have any other questions about ShowBox that haven’t been answered on our website feel free to leave your questions in the comments section.

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ShowBox App Download
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